On a Boat in a French Canal

Well, well, well, I came to my blog to perhaps write something about our fantastic stay in Croatia and realized I had forgotten to post up one from months back in France. We had such a great stay in Narbonne that I’m going to post it now (even if it just for my own future reference) and I will post something on the magnificence that is Split, Croatia, in due course . . . As I post, I remember that WordPress has changed (probably why I abandoned it first time around) and I’m finding it a little difficult so who knows what I will end up with!

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A few years back, I sang ‘On a Boat’ (an R-rated song by ‘Lonely Island’) with a Canadian gynecologist on the top deck of a boat on the Danube. I’m on a boat again – being a little more subdued this time – on a French canal, and it is another great experience.

The Nubian is a stationary boat on the canal in Narbonne, kitted out with all the mod cons but in the surrounds expected aboard a vessel listed on the National Historic Ships.

Amidst the nautical accoutrements of historic sailing are such modern-day luxuries as touch lighting and handy phone charging stations. There’s a full-size Italian shower, coffee machine, egg cooker, microwave, fridge/freezer, and it is a short walk to the indoor food markets and the old town itself. My pics don’t really do it justice so check out their website for yourself.

Your hosts (The Captains) are Eric and Franck and these guys really know their stuff. Communication online was excellent and instructions for arrival perfect (free shuttle from the train station, keylock entry). Every detail in the onboard rooms has been attended to. We were pleasantly surprised by the welcome bottle of wine, with snack biscuits and chocolates. And the breakfast! You could feed yourself for the whole day with the breakfast. Beautiful home-made pastries and jams, fresh juice, the works.

Eric made sure we touched base with an ex-Aussie Rugby player who runs restaurants in Narbonne. In non-covid times, we could have had a hell of a party.

The town of Narbonne is a cornucopia of history and stunning architecture but it was our (far too short) stay on the Nubian that really made for a perfect experience and I just can’t throw enough positivity at this accommodation experience without gushing.

I did miss singing bawdily with the Canadian though.

Onwards I go, gathering grist for the stories, always.


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6 responses to “On a Boat in a French Canal

  1. Well, you seemed to do ok with the loved and hated (in equal parts) Block Editor. And can’t blame you for wanting to boast, your digs look marvellous.

    • Seemed to take me forever to work out. I’m one of these crazy ol’ birds who thinks if its not broken, don’t fix it so I got a little flustered (ie, chucked my pencil on the floor and yelled at the computer).

  2. Cindy Pellegrin

    That looks like a wonderful place to see and stay! I want to be that Canadian belting out a song beside you next time!

  3. Wonderful news Karenlee! I love that area of France as well. So good to hear your time away is giving you such amazing memories. Keep safe and
    enjoy your adventures. You continue to be an inspiration!

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