Writing as I Wander

I have been more derelict than usual in my blogging duties but I hope to pick things up in the next few months. For those who don’t follow me on Facebook, a quick update . . . we have spent the past few months in the UK, after our month of downtime in Split, Croatia (which was a dream).

England welcomed me back with a daffodil show to rival anything I could have imagined and we spent five weeks in Northumberland caring for a dog and a cat.

After a week exploring York and a couple of days in Lincoln, we are now in a lovely suburb of London, looking after a little Poochon.

I will endeavour to bring my ramblings back to my writing in the coming months. I have a few projects on the go, the biggest of which is an attempt at rewriting my latest manuscript in the first person, and that is proving to be a bigger challenge than I anticipated.

The travelling has brought forth a burst of fresh creativity resulting in some more short stories to add to my collection (which goes from being complete to incomplete, depending on my mood). I had a recent story published in the Irish Sonder Magazine and a poem destined for another publication (will update soon).


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6 responses to “Writing as I Wander

  1. Cindy Pellegrin

    We wait in anticipation until your travels bring you back to beautiful British Columbia, Canada so we can share a Nut Brown ale and a special Flaming Squirrel coffee! We love hearing of your world travels and we can’t wait till the world rids itself of this pestilance! Stay safe!

    • Gary says you guys have a lot to answer for . . . I am always searching for a nice beer, constantly saying ‘It’s okay but it is no Nut Brown’. LOL. We cannot wait to get back to Canada, especially down your neck of the woods. And we still owe you guys a slap-up meal!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Ill be looking foreword to the next ‘ramblings!’
    With glee!

  3. What made you change to first person? Did you originally write with more than one POV? It would seem to me very much like starting all over again, especially as you think of new things to say as you go along.

    • Yes, I had it in three sections, from three POVs so writing in first person means almost half the novel is jettisoned. I am weaving the narrative in a different way altogether but I am beginning to think I might be stark raving mad. I still can’t decide if it is a delaying tactic and I might go back to the original. I’ve given myself until July to decide if the new version really is better and, if not, I’m back where I started. As I write that, I think I can confirm . . . stark raving!

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