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Masterclass Me

I had the absolute pleasure of being a participant in a short story master-class at the Queensland Writers’ Centre (QWC) on Saturday and it was a blast.  Trent Jamieson  –  teacher … facilitator … tutor … take your pick (but he would probably prefer writer) – provided terrific exercises and some insightful feedback.   If you are not yet a member of QWC  I can recommend it for the magazine alone (profiles, features, opportunities … can you tell they accepted one of my articles?), but also for the opportunity to list on their website.  I met some terrific writers and if I tried to list them all, I’d be sure to miss someone but I would like to send a big thanks into cyber-world to Texan John (I’d like to read a story set in that red bar) for your expansion on the idea of people as part of the ‘setting’ and to Maree for your beautiful poetic voice.


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