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Young Tasmanian Writers’ Prize

I was delighted and honoured to judge the Senior Section of the 2017 Young Tasmanian Writers’ Prize and I can tell you that there is some exceptional writing talent in Tasmanian secondary schools. The winning entry by Ben Smith Noble will be published in the December issue of  Tasmania 40°South. I do hope you get yourself a copy as I think you will be astounded by the work of this gifted young writer. I expect Ben Smith Noble is a name we will hear often in the future.

Here’s the announcement:
Forty South Publishing and the Tasmanian Association for the Teaching of English (TATE) are pleased to announce the winners of the Young Tasmanian Writers’ Prize 2017 as judged by Karenlee Thompson (Senior Section), Anne Blythe-Cooper (Junior Section) and Penny Lane (Peter Sharp Memorial Award – Junior Section). 

Senior Section: Years 10-12
Winner ($300, publication in Tasmania 40°South, December 2017 issue)
Ben Smith Noble, Taroona High School – Napoleon, or, the musings of Mr Pink

Runners Up ($30 gift voucher courtesy of Fullers Bookshop)
Sigourney Costa, Elizabeth College – The visitors
Emily Fereiro, Elizabeth College – As strangers prepared

Freya Cox, The Friends School – A colour of loss
Melina Fullbrook, Kings Meadow High School – Words

Junior Section: Years 7-9
Winner ($300 plus publication in Tasmania 40°South, December 2017 issue)
Connie Genaris, Ogilvie High School – Apple Juice

Peter Sharp Memorial Award 2017 ($100 plus publication in Tasmania 40°South, March 2018 issue)
Kirra Watkins, St Aloysius Catholic College – Turbulent Seas

Runners Up ($30 gift voucher courtesy of Fullers Bookshop)
Katie Johnson, Taroona High School – The edge of the world
Ishtar Lintner, Exeter High School – Taking flight
Mabel Sward, Ogilvie High School – Candy store

Isaac Burns, St Aloysius Catholic College – Hunted
Zara Casimaty, St Michael’s Collegiate School – Taking flight
Samantha Collins, St Michael’s Collegiate School – The wolf pack
Mia Cooper, Ogilvie High School – Flames are alive
Sarah Jaeger, St Michael’s Collegiate School – Mirror of deception
Kara Landsberg, Exeter High School – Blurry face
Miriam Langford, St Aloysius Catholic College – Last laugh
Lucy Nicol, Mt Carmel College – Katherine’s snafu
Kate Poynter, Taroona High School – Laughter
Annwen Roberts, Taroona High School – Destroying the wall
Guy Robertson, Taroona High School – Through the sparrow’s eye
Noah Sward, St Aloysius Catholic College – Things change
Kirra Watkins, St Aloysius Catholic College – Music of the dead

Congratulations to all the finalists. Also to be congratulated are Tasmania 40°South and Fullers Bookshop for their work in fostering young writing talent. 





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