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Gallery Gallivanting

I needed a soul lift yesterday so carted myself off to Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA). Ah, ‘twas a feast for the senses. But first . . .

(Above: ‘The Blue Alice’: Charles Blackman 1956-1957 (L) and ‘My left Foot’ (R))
Following another exhilarating ride on one of those electric scooters, during which my ankle had a slight altercation with the heavy back end (see pic), I popped in to the Queensland Art Gallery (QAG) to see if ‘The Blue Alice’ was back on show. Indeed it was. I always look at it with fresh eyes , I always hear music (piano and violin) and I always get extremely light headed. Someone had thoughtfully placed a couch within easy viewing distance and I may have sat there looking at Blackman’s work for longer than I had anticipated.

Eventually, it was on to GOMA where I gorged on all manner of treats for the senses. Unfortunately, my phone went flat so I have no further pics to share but do yourself a favour and check out the current exhibitions if you get a chance. The stand out for me (and for many others, going by the conversations around me) was an installation by Jonathan Jones in collaboration with Wiradjuri leader Dr Uncle Stan Grant Snr AM ‘(untitled) giran’. The work features small sculptures made up of various items like shells, bone and feathers. The sculptures, arranged in a wind pattern design, give the installation over to a flock of birds. Stunning.
With no solid intention, I found myself detouring to QAG again for one more gaze at ‘The Blue Alice’ and it occurred to me that everything I feel about everything I am is right there in that painting.
Anyway, my little day trip definitely gladdened my heart and should sustain me until next month’s Tassie trip when I will, once again, get to roam through the Museum of Old and New Art. Oh! Mona, Mona, be still my beating heart!



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