Short Stories

Flame Tip: short fictions
     Collection published 2017 by Hybrid Publishers (ANZ LitLovers 2017 Book of the Year)

  • The Seven Letters of the Perfect Apocalypse, Heathentide Orphans, Zoetic Press 2021
  • The night of the note I never wrote, Scottish Arts Trust Anthology 2021
  • Ursula Sits, Fish Anthology July 2021
  • Lily, Sonder Magazine, Spring 2021
  • The Watcher, Published in Hysteria 7 Anthology 2020
  • A Loofah Minute, The Big Issue Christmas Edition 2020
  • Grace, Shortlisted in the Scottish Arts Trust Short Story Prize 2020
  • Meg and the Margarets, Published in Our Inside Voices: reflections on Covid-19 2020
  • To Kill a Spotted Dove, Published in Eat the Problem, Kirsha Kaechele ed., Mona
  • Alice . . . Incomplete Finalist Tasmanian Writer’s Prize 2017
  • Baked Beans and Wisteria The Big Issue Fiction Edition 2016
  • These Three Things Hal Porter Prize Runner-up 2016
  • Dear Ethan Highly Commended Tasmanian Writer’s Prize 2015 Anthology
  • Jack Frost Finalist Tasmanian Writer’s Prize 2016
  • Cars in a Bucket NSW Education Dept
  • The bewildering case of the beeping at dawn NSW Education Dept
  • A Field of Their Own, Non Posso
  • Letters to London Published Woman’s Day
  • A Patchwork Quill Winner Harlequin Short Story Competition

Novella Dances with Rabbits Highly Commended Queensland Arts Council Regional

Novel – 8 States of Catastrophe (Brolga Publishing/Pan Macmillan) 2011. 

3 responses to “Fiction

  1. fiction is more of my realm mostly…the creative side of me just likes to explode.

  2. It has a lot in common with advertising too Richardo.

  3. I’ll share some short stories with you. Here’s the first page:

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