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200: Art for fart’s sake


(includes the answer to Friday’s Fictionary Dictionary)

                What is Art?
                ‘Too Arty-farty,’ my Aunt used to say about contrived post-modern pieces and their slim-hipped EMO creators.
                Much modern-day art leaves many of us cold, yet John F Kennedy told us that an artist should be free to ‘follow his vision, wherever it takes him.’ 
                And anyway, perhaps one persons ‘art’ is the next person’s ‘fart’.  Which begs the question…is this art?

 This art installation at the Tate Modern ‘A carpet of 100 Million Sunflower Seeds’ does, at first glance, appear to fit my Aunt’s ‘farty’ criteria but when we learn that the sunflower seeds are in fact porcelain replicas handcrafted by 1600 Chinese Artisans, one wonders if Ai Weiwei is an artist or a sweat-shop owner.


In his essay collection Nobody Knows My Name James Baldwin tells us that in order to survive artists must ‘tell the whole story, vomit the anguish up’.    

‘Retch Like an Egyptian’ (artist unknown) from the Museum of Bad Art surely meets Baldwin’s criteria.

           William Faulkner thought that an artistic creation should be capable of being looked at a hundred years later and it should ‘move again, since it is life.’
                Hmm…I wonder if a McDonald’s cheese slice classifies as art?
Answer to Friday’s Fictionary Dictionary… 
(c) Dycrasia is
any abnormal physiological condition, esp. of the blood



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