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Stanthorpe Writers Group

This coming week marks the inaugural meeting of what will hopefully become The Stanthorpe Writers Group*.

Thanks to an article in the Stanthorpe Border Post, I received interest from a dozen local writers who, as yet, I know very little about. 

I have gone no further than preparing a flyer on the best way to critique an author’s work (from a workshop I attended) as well as a rough agenda so that we can power through those necessary housekeeping items such as formats and themes for the meetings.

I am excited by the prospect of spending at least a few hours every month (with perhaps online and email contact in between) with like-minded people in my area so we can share tips, practice our craft and provide much needed encouragement to each other.

If anyone has advice on writing groups that I could pass on to the group, it would be very much appreciated.

*You will notice the absence of an apostrophe where writers should be writers’.   I have always felt it looks somewhat cumbersome in a heading so I decided to opt for the Queensland Writers Centre example of leaving it out all together.


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Who’s a Happy Little Writer then?

Why, me of course!

Happy Author

The local launch of 8 States of Catastrophe was like a perfect dream for me. 

As my dear friend Vince said in his speech, the main reason that Stanthorpe has become my adopted home-town is because of its people.  I am constantly blown away by the friendliness, the generosity of spirit, and the willingness of so many to go out of their way for others. Even people who have no time to read or who traditionally pursue other recreational activities came out on a miserable wet night to show their support for me and my crazy writing addiction.

Vince Catanzaro giving his speech…

...and me trying not to cry

Let me describe the venue:  soft acoustics of a theatre padded with carpet and thick cinema curtains;  high ceiling; regal old original light fittings; beautifully framed movie posters.  It was dreamy.


The people:  Relatives, friends, work-mates, orchardists, a journalist, clerks, doctors, tourism operators, business-owners, builders, a beautician, writers, my hairdresser, teachers, retirees…what a wonderful eclectic mix.  All happy, smiling and full of good will.

More Guests

Refreshments:  The standard easy fare of biscuits and cheese, and platters of sandwiches (Thank you Denise, Sarina and Maria for your expertise and willing hands).  Mellow red and crisp white (from Vincenzo’s at the Big Apple).  Very grateful to my brother Bob and sister-in-law Denise for helping attend to the bar.

And More Guests

Photos:  Thanks to “Special K” for taking lots of happy snaps of the night and thank you Shannon Newley for coming along on a Saturday night to take some pics (here’s Shannon’s article written for the Stanthorpe Border Post published 17/3).

Sarah, Deb and Special K

The hour and a half flew by in a whirl of pecked cheeks, signed books, raised glasses, chatter and laughter.  There were lots of willing hands and it would be impossible to thank everyone who helped out but I would like to say a special thank you to Gary for segueing from barman to “money-man” time and again and for still smiling at the end of a hectic day.

Show Me the Money!

The night will bring a smile to my dial for many years to come.

Oh yes...and a few more guests

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