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Stanthorpe Writers Group

This coming week marks the inaugural meeting of what will hopefully become The Stanthorpe Writers Group*.

Thanks to an article in the Stanthorpe Border Post, I received interest from a dozen local writers who, as yet, I know very little about. 

I have gone no further than preparing a flyer on the best way to critique an author’s work (from a workshop I attended) as well as a rough agenda so that we can power through those necessary housekeeping items such as formats and themes for the meetings.

I am excited by the prospect of spending at least a few hours every month (with perhaps online and email contact in between) with like-minded people in my area so we can share tips, practice our craft and provide much needed encouragement to each other.

If anyone has advice on writing groups that I could pass on to the group, it would be very much appreciated.

*You will notice the absence of an apostrophe where writers should be writers’.   I have always felt it looks somewhat cumbersome in a heading so I decided to opt for the Queensland Writers Centre example of leaving it out all together.


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