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200: Why?

A weekly series of riffs in 200 words

 ‘What’s the significance of 200 words?’ asks a fellow writer.
          The answer is ‘Succinctness Training’.  Perhaps it’s a hangover from journalism studies where many students are stumped by the finer nuances of a word count.

I never took journalism quite this far

Approximately.  At least.  Minimum.  No more than. 
          All good guidelines.  But when the brief stipulates a number, be it 200 or 300, it’s best to play safe and make it exact, especially in the pedantic world of journalism.

Now that's what I call a journalist...and wonderfully easy on the eye. http://www.negusmedia.com.au

I enjoy being creative and flighty with my writing so journalism and I were never a perfect fit.  In fact it was my mother who encouraged me to take journalism as my second major and I have never been more pleased by her foresight.
          Journalism taught me plenty about research and grammar.  It also taught me how to be succinct.
          To my consternation, whenever I set out to write a short story of approximately 1000 words, I invariably draft at 1300 and then bring it home by paring off those extraneous 300 words.
          So while it might seem silly to take time to cut three words, I like to think of it as practicing my craft.
          The last words I cut today were ‘simple’, ‘perfectly’ and ‘short’.

Answer to Friday’s Fictionary Dictionary… 
(a) Fascicule is one part of printed work that is published in instalments


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200: Planking for fun

A weekly series of riffs in 200 words

Look, I’m sorry, but planking is hilarious and I can see why young people think it’s a blast.
Yes, it can be dangerous.  So can many pleasurable things if taken to extremes.
 Diving is exhilarating…diving off rocks into unchartered waters is hazardous.
 Riding a pushbike is fun…riding a bike in the middle of an 8-lane highway is nuts.
 Could we just stop this crazy notion that every time there is a death, we have to find someone to blame?

A classic from ratemyplanking.com

 People will die doing mundane things like crossing the road or riding on a train.
There is danger lurking in the simplest pursuits.  Next time someone dies from handling contaminated potting mix, should we ban gardening?
There’s a constant lament that people spend hours sitting hunched over computers and not enough time out in the world doing ‘stuff’.  But people will die when they are outside having fun: surfing, rock-climbing, sailing, bush-walking.
Plankers are out there doing their ‘thing’ usually in the fresh air and sunshine.  They are doing something that makes them and their friends (not to mention complete strangers) laugh. 

Tassie Girl Nicola Oldfield planking with attitude

       Remember the old adage? Laughter is the best medicine.
       Pretty silly I guess, but kinda funny.  Bit like life.


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