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Make Every Day Special

Happy Mothers Day. 

I’m not always one to celebrate specific days with presents or flowers.  I like to think any day can be Mothers Day.  When you see a special top in your mother’s size in that perfect purple colour that she loves AND it’s on special, then grab it.  When you cook a delicious lamb and rosemary casserole from one of her recipes, remember to ring and tell her about it.  When you see an article she might like in a magazine, snip it out and send it to her.

Thoughtful gifts are welcome any time throughout the year.  Phone calls and letters are always special and, if you live close by, then the best gift you can give your Mum is some precious time. 

I wonder if my mother breathes a sigh of relief on mother’s day when she remembers that her children are all grown up and she won’t have to endure soggy vegemite toast squares and a lukewarm cup of tea in a chipped mug for breakfast.  I think she’ll have herself a very civilised breakfast before spending precious time with her youngest daughter (a mother herself), probably enjoying some roast pork and crackling.  I will be with them in spirit.

To all mothers…whatever you do, wherever you are…Happy Mothers Day.


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200 words: a weekly series of riffs

Why you should be kind to your Mother

They range from the saintly to the evil, but let’s concentrate on the average: we’ll call her simply ‘Mother’.

If the transformation of her body was not enough of a fright, the shock-and-awe barrage of pain she endured bringing you into the world surely should have killed her.

Or at least made her jaded.

Yet ‘Mother’ seems the least jaded creature in the universe.


Want to be a ballerina? Sure!  Mother will starch your tutu and sit through the excruciating murder of Swan Lake in a wind-whipped school hall while studiously avoiding your elephant knees and mule-like grace.

Bend it like Beckham? Absolutely! She’ll pretend to marvel at the angle of your kick when she’d much rather be examining the curve of the straw in a tall G&T.

Later, she might learn squash or chess in order to spend quality time.  She’ll pretend to like skateboard moves, reality TV and cramped clothing stores with doof doof music.

One day, you’ll fly the coup and leave her to reinvent herself so be gentle and try to leave her sane so she won’t embarrass you when you’re playing in the grand final or pirouetting at the Sydney Opera House.


Happy Mothers Day


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