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Which Writer Wrote ANSWER

This week’s WWW was:-

She gave me her factual tone,
her facial bones, her will,
not her beautiful voice
but her straightness and her clarity.

From his humble beginnings on the North Coast of New South Wales to the University of Sydney and then to poet extraordinaire, Les A Murray is a rare gem.  I love his willingness to wade into controversy, his big happy face and – most of all – his poetry.

The quote above comes from ‘Weights’, one of the poems he wrote in memory of his mother who died in 1951(published in the collection The Vernacular Republic: Poems 1961 – 1983, Harper Collins, 1988). Whenever I read ‘Weights’, it reminds me of my own mother (who is very much alive and kicking) and of good, courageous, beautiful mothers everywhere.


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