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The answer to this week’s WWW is Gig Ryan.

Women are full of compassion and have soft soggy hearts
you can throw up in and no-one’ll notice
and they won’t complain.  I’d shoot the man
who thinks he can look like an excavation-site
but you can’t, who thinks what you look like’s for him
to appraise, to sit back, to talk his intelligent way.

 The quote comes from ‘If I had a Gun’, a poem with capital A Attitude in both subject matter and in poetic form.  It’s tone is defiant and hostile and the colloquial language gives it a modern popular edge, emphasised by the odd swear word.

Gig Ryan is an award winning Melbourne poet,   She was given the name Elizabeth when she was born in 1956 and I’d love to know when and why she changed her name to Gig. Can anyone enlighten me?


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