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200: Why?

A weekly series of riffs in 200 words

 ‘What’s the significance of 200 words?’ asks a fellow writer.
          The answer is ‘Succinctness Training’.  Perhaps it’s a hangover from journalism studies where many students are stumped by the finer nuances of a word count.

I never took journalism quite this far

Approximately.  At least.  Minimum.  No more than. 
          All good guidelines.  But when the brief stipulates a number, be it 200 or 300, it’s best to play safe and make it exact, especially in the pedantic world of journalism.

Now that's what I call a journalist...and wonderfully easy on the eye. http://www.negusmedia.com.au

I enjoy being creative and flighty with my writing so journalism and I were never a perfect fit.  In fact it was my mother who encouraged me to take journalism as my second major and I have never been more pleased by her foresight.
          Journalism taught me plenty about research and grammar.  It also taught me how to be succinct.
          To my consternation, whenever I set out to write a short story of approximately 1000 words, I invariably draft at 1300 and then bring it home by paring off those extraneous 300 words.
          So while it might seem silly to take time to cut three words, I like to think of it as practicing my craft.
          The last words I cut today were ‘simple’, ‘perfectly’ and ‘short’.

Answer to Friday’s Fictionary Dictionary… 
(a) Fascicule is one part of printed work that is published in instalments


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