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Reflecting on a New World Order

Years ago – after 9/11…after the Bali Bombings – I wrote this poem, wistfully imagining a better world, or at least better humans.  Today seems like a good day to share it.


Vertical dominoes collapse, compressing lives,
making molehills from monoliths.
A stark realization of death.  An unexpected deliverance
unto evil lurking in the collective soul.

 Chasing shadows over dunes and finding children
building castles in the grey sand.
Sympathy looms beneath the surface. Bewildering waves of empathy
crashing loudly over long-held dogmatic moulds.

Rose petals scattered overBali’s sand in remembrance,
turning holidays into ash.
A sharp reminder of transience.  An unexpected transcendency
from the apathy feeding the collective whole.

 Chasing terror through tunnels and finding mirrors
reflecting human grains of truth.
Free will hovers precariously.  Freewheeling tides of activity
demanding an eye for an eye if truth be told.

 Green haze, thunder and light shows televised each night,
six degrees of separation
No need to face reality – for this is true Reality TV
and we grow cold and watch the ones who won’t grow old.

 Searching for answers to questions that are not asked
except rhetorically
Knowing the futility yet trying to face responsibility
of nurturing a kinder fairer collective soul.

The Answer to Friday’s Fictionary Dictionary:- RAGULY is…having an edge with oblique notches (but thanks to those who, tongue in cheek, voted for C and made me laugh)

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