Flaming Squirrel

Long time between posts but – hey – COVID-19. Long story short for those who don’t know, we are back in the land of Oz temporarily while we wait for the world to open up.

Did I mention Flaming Squirrel? I think I did and now that I’ve caught my breath, I want to elaborate.

flaming squirrel 1


We writers are always on the lookout for somewhere inspiring to put pen to paper (or more likely, fingers to keyboard) and I did promise to post on any extra-special places in Canada. I found a fabulous place on the outskirts of Oliver BC – the delightfully named Flaming Squirrel Guesthouse.

There is a quirky story about how the guesthouse scored its name and I’d never do it justice. Certainly it involves squirrels, electricity wires and a substantial brushfire and if you are lucky enough to hear it told by guesthouse owners Brad and Cindy, it will have you in stitches.

Can’t resist sharing this wind chime pic. Cindy made it from bells and wine corks and rattlesnake tails (I kid you not!). EDIT: no rattlesnakes were harmed in the making of this windchime; found, dead snakes only.

Flaming Squirrel windchime (2)

Flaming Squirrel is the perfect private spot to write and, if the pen won’t flow, you can head off to explore the wineries of the South Okanagan. Should you fancy some company, do yourself a favour and share a glass with Brad and Cindy. You could fill a book with their stories.

wine pump



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6 responses to “Flaming Squirrel

  1. So beautiful in that part of BC. As someone who used to live in Stanthorpe, I felt an immediate affinity with it (vineyards, orchards, etc.). And the guesthouse is just superb.

    • Cindy Pellegrin

      Thank you Karen for your lovely mention of our guest house. Living here surrounded by tranquility and natures creatures and has indeed spoiled us. I guess it should also be stated that we did not harm or kill any snakes to obtain the rattles for the wind chime shown…we were merely lucky enough to come upon them after they had already become unwitting hit and run victims! We look forward to seeing you both again when the world ‘rights itself’. It has been especially hard to have our special ‘stooge moments’ when we all have to be apart…haha.

  2. So lovely, karenlee, to hear about your travels in Canada. It is one of my favourite places to visit. Also the unique photos are amazing. Look forward to hearing more. XXX

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