Hello Australia

An eventful week of liaising and coordination saw us waving welcome-back and farewell to a masked home owner, from our vantage point in the international departure lounge as we started our journey back to Australia. Whilst our plan had been to remain in Canada riding out the storm in isolation, away from hotbeds like airports and planes, it soon became clear that we would have no choice. We were given some forward indication that even local travel would soon be shut down which did not auger well for travelers with no fixed abode.

Given that all the predictions were accurate, we feel very lucky to have made it back. We are self-isolating in style at one end of [son] Dylan and [daughter-in-law] Jo’s home and they have thought of absolutely everything . We have tea and coffee making facilities, and everything we need for whipping up a snack. Through the outdoor servery, we are to be delivered a bento box with our daily supplies and then, at night, we pick up our prepared gourmet dinner from the same place. We have equipment outside to help keep us fit – boxing gloves, yoga mat, etc. We have Wifi and TV and games. We even have our own dog! Sammy is here to keep us company and she seems pretty chuffed to play the only child for a while. She enjoyed sitting on the bed with us last night as we ate dinner and Skyped with Dylan and Jo next door.

We are all well. Keep safe folks and hopefully we will all come out the other end of this soon.


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16 responses to “Hello Australia

  1. So glad you made it safely back home, and hey, what a luxurious way to cope with jet lag!

    • Thanks Lisa. We are certainly getting looked after. Ping goes the phone: ‘dinner is on the servery’. Out we toddle and there’s our tray with delicious meals. Beautiful. x

      • Excellent. And are you up to writing?

      • Yes I have been doing some writing Lisa. And I am going to try to find someone to help me do a little eBook of short stories that I can make available online. I am toying with the idea of making it a free read with the totally voluntary option of making a small donation, 50% of which could go to some sort of arts fund. I’m just mucking about with the idea at the moment and would have to get some help with it. What do you think of such an idea?

      • It’s a lovely idea, and if the stories are anything like the ones in Flame Tip it will be brilliant.
        But being totally selfish, I want to read your new novel. From your tantalising description of it, I have that blurb running through my head every time I think of you, and it’s a book I want to have in my hot little hands!
        (Yes, *ouch* it sounds even more selfish now that I see that written down).
        Anyway, I have a friend who knows a fair bit about ePublishing. I’ll ask her if she’s taking on anything at the moment and if she is, I’ll pass on your email to her, ok?

      • Great, thanks Lisa. And maybe I should get a wriggle on and look for an avenue for the novel. Every time I think it is finished, I procrastinate and think it could be better!

      • That, as you know better than I do, is how good books get better and better!

  2. Cindy

    So glad you made it home safely and let’s hope you remain healthy for the duration. It was wonderful to meet you both and we hope to see you back in BC again when the world normalizes. The Flaming Squirrel awaits your return with a Nut Brown and the 3 Stooges will get back to making memories once our self isolation is lifted!.😀

    • Oh we will be back! We didn’t even get to hear all about your Mexican trip. I can’t wait to tell everyone about The Flaming Squirrel. I’ve already mentioned the place to a couple of my writer friends as it will be the perfect spot for them to finish their novels. Of course, we’ve got to wait patiently for the world to right itself first.

  3. Glad to know you’re home again. Stay safe x

  4. Jess Andreatta

    Crikey KL! Welcome home to you and G.
    No Edmonton trip in the near future, then 🤔
    Happy scribbling!

  5. What a shame you had to cut short your grand adventure, but am so glad you got back safely – and to a beautifully supported situation. What a lovely son and DIL you have.

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