A Big Shout Out for the Big Issue

Everyone knows I’m a Big Fan of The Big Issue  .  . .  especially when I’m in it!
Well, not me precisely, but something I wrote.
How gorgeous is the cover of this Love Issue?

The Big IssueThey tell me we’ll need the tissue box handy for some of the stories including – I’d say – for the true love story of Big Issue vendors Greg and Kelly who rushed forward their wedding date due to Kelly’s spina bifida.

The Big Issue magazine is a fortnightly, independent magazine that’s sold on the streets by homeless, marginalised and disadvantaged people.

Social enterprise at its finest! So please keep an eye out for your local vendor. 

Check out The Big Issue on Facebook: The Big Issue Australia, Twitter: @thebigissue or Instagram: @bigissueaustralia.






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10 responses to “A Big Shout Out for the Big Issue

  1. Glen Hunting

    I’ll be in the Perth CBD in the next few days, so I’ll be certain to get my little claws on a copy.

  2. Thanks Glen. I can’t wait to get my own copy as it sounds like there are some wonderful pieces in there.

  3. Congratulations! I’ll be in the city next week so I hope I can pick up a copy then…

  4. Congrats Karenlee. I do love The Big Issue too but only buy it occasionally, partly because it’s not around most of the places I frequent, but partly also because when I do buy it I then don’t find time to read it. Sometimes I buy it just to support the vendor. If I see this one in my vicinity, though, I’ll buy it!!

    • Thanks WG, I’m always proud of anything published in The Big Issue. They do such an incredible job as a social enterprise and always manage to pay contributors well. I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on a copy. Redcliffe is a little out of the way and our local did not have the new issue on Friday. My ‘bloke’ works in the city so I’ll get my copies on Monday. Really looking forward to reading all the ‘Love’ contributions.

      • Did I know you lived in Redcliffe? My grandparents retired to Woody Point, and loved on Guyundah Pde but I haven’t been there since the early 1980s. One day I want to return. (I lived in Sandgate for 6 years in the late 50s early 60s.)

      • Well look at that! In another life, we could have been neighbours! I’ve only been here for about five years but absolutely adore the peninsula.

      • Haha, we could have. I do remember its being a lovely place. My mother’s cousins family – my grandmother’s sister – lived in Scarborough. They had the family house there through to the 2000s I think. Now, though, all our connections with the area being gone (from there, not all gone completely!)

      • I lived in Scarborough for a while too. Now I am just on the cusp Scarborough/Redcliffe.

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