A Beautiful Collection . . . and my work is included

Delighted to receive a copy of the Grieve Anthology (published by the Hunter Writers Centre) which is filled with stunning Stories and Poems about Grief and Loss.

Grieve Cover

I can highly recommend this beautiful collection which is now available for purchase. You can ask at your favourite bookstore or order online through the Grieve Project site

I was chuffed to learn, via the online announcement that my poem ‘Hashtag’ had won the Blue Knot Foundation Award. My poem is not about death but about a different type of grief and one which I think many of us can relate to. # I hope you will check it out, along with the many poignant pieces that make up the collection. I am proud to be in such company.

How is this for a title?
‘I Have the Weight of a Life that is Substantive and Real on my Shoulders’. That is one of the winning short story titles by Sook Samsara.

The three major award winners are:
Justine Hyde with ‘Blood and Bone’
Lisa Jacobson with ‘Not Horses, or Mothers’
Alyssa Sterry with ‘Time’
All incredibly worthy of their winning places. One of them in particular has nestled deeply within me and I doubt it will ever budge.

Anyone who has suffered a form of grief (and surely that is all of us?) will find much to relate to between the pages of this anthology.


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10 responses to “A Beautiful Collection . . . and my work is included

  1. Glen Hunting

    I’m very tempted. My fave independent bookseller here in Perth is very likely to get a request from me, as you suggested…:)

  2. Oh you should seriously order it Glen. Let me tempt you with this line from one of the major winners ‘Not Horses, or Mothers’ by Lisa Jacobson . . . ‘The blank-eyed fish kiss the tides underbelly.’ How’s that imagery? And ‘Blood and Bone’ by Justine Hyde left me completely breathless.

  3. Congrats Karen! Lovely looking book and I’m sure your work sings from its pages xxx

  4. Again congrats, Karenlee. And what a really lovely cover.

    You have me intrigued about the grief your poem covers though – hmm, does the title give us a clue I wonder.

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