For the Love of Poetry

I’m poking my head out from behind my screen to say – to anyone who is interested – I’m still here. Still writing. Still completely sane for a certain number of hours most days, completely off the rails the rest of the time.

I am probably half way through the first draft of my ocean-themed, sea-sprayed, water-logged novel (which means I’m only running about twelve months behind schedule) but, in the process of dredging things from the ocean floor and peering into the blurred blue/green horizon, I’ve rediscovered my love of poetry.

So anywhere from midnight, through to the witching hours, I invariably find myself hunched over the keyboard, bathed  in a strange mix of lighting – the beige from the salt lamp and a sort of extra-terrestrial green from Wi-Fi gadgets – tapping out phrases and words that sing with impetuous desire.

Just one more switch with which I flail myself


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6 responses to “For the Love of Poetry

  1. Good to hear from you!

  2. Glen Hunting

    Happy to hear you’re still up and about, Karenlee. 🙂 You’ve prompted me to extend my own bonce above the literary internet parapet, too.

    Don’t worry about your timetable…I’m probably about 5-10 years behind schedule with my writing! But I’m still writing. And, like you, I started writing poetry again last year, for the first time since I was a teenager. It was totally unplanned, actually; I thought I would be working on something else a year ago when I got a “break in the weather”, but what came out when I put pen to paper was verse. I’m not hanging my hat on any of it, just having fun with it.

    On the basis of your “flailing snatch” above, I think you should post us a poem or two before much longer… 🙂

    • There’s something quite terrifying and liberating about poetry isn’t there Glen? I do find it very hard to come out of my poet’s head though and try to function like a ‘normal’ human being in the real world. Perhaps you’ll share something of yours???

  3. Offline I reckon Glen . . . send me your email address to kt (at) (if you dare!)

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