Ending 2017 on a High

In a year of some incredible highs (and to be honest, a couple of difficult lows), it is a delight to end on a note of surrealistic loftiness.

Followers of this blog will know of my admiration for Lisa Hill of ANZ LitLovers. She holds the literary spotlight for Australian and New Zealand authors and spreads news and thoughtful criticism to the world.

So to have my book of short fictions Flame Tip featured amongst some real standouts in Lisa’s favourite 2017 reads was astounding. As I read on and discovered I had made her shortlist, well, I must confess words failed me.

But wait . . . there’s more.

2017 ANZLitLovers Australian and New Zealand Best Books of the Year

 Oh my!




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2 responses to “Ending 2017 on a High

  1. A well-deserved accolade, Karenlee! I loved your book as well!

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