Victorian Tour – Update One

Check out these pics. New Leaves (complete with resident cat!) is hosting a chat session between Eliza Henry-Jones and myself as we promote our recently released books. We’ll be there on Sunday 20th August.

Eliza’s novel (Ache, Harper Collins) and my collection of short fictions (Flame Tip, Hybrid Publishers) have bushfire as the central theme, and we will be skipping around country Victoria chatting to book-lovers and residents (and maybe lots of cats and dogs). You are sure to find our works in all the good bookstores and I hope to bring you lots of pics of the fabulous shops we will be visiting. I’ve been told to pack my winter woollies (coming from Queensland) so I’ll be the one wearing ten layers and standing closest to any available heater.


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6 responses to “Victorian Tour – Update One

  1. ablay1

    Great! Do you have a time and address for Sunday 20th? I post it on FB.

    Regards Anna

    Anna Rosner Blay Managing Editor HYBRID PUBLISHERS PO Box 52 Ormond VIC 3204 Australia

    Tel: (03) 9504 3462 See our website at:


  2. Leaves is a terrific bookshop, I went there on the weekend of the Woodend Winter Arts Festival. The staff are really lovely and they have a good range of everything – not what you’d expect in a small country town at all!

  3. Loving your book. It’s fabulous! You are a literary treasure, Karenlee!

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