Stanthorpe – oh what a night

It is becoming a bit of a habit of mine to forget the camera in times of great excitement so, whilst I have no photographs of my ab fab In Conversation night on Thursday, I do have some photos of my gorgeous Stanthorpe view in the morning.

Jessica Andreatta is a natural interviewer (as well as a brilliant writer) and I felt comfortable and ‘at home’ (so much so that I told a few risqué stories). Thank you to all the Stanthorpe Writers Group (SWG) members who went to so much trouble and to the Community Development Services who auspice the SWG. We had some lovely nibbles and some scintillating conversations.

Thanks to everyone. It was just perfect.



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8 responses to “Stanthorpe – oh what a night

  1. Thanks to our lovely Jess and the scintillating Karenlee for a great night!

  2. ablay1

    Well done!

  3. Valerie Banks

    I am so glad it all went so well for you and will wit for a phone call.xxxxxx

  4. Jessica Andreatta

    How easy it is to interview the generous Karenlee. Talented writer. Marvellous woman. Thank you KL.

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