Thank You Tasmania

Oh, Tasmania, how wonderful you were, even turning on perfect weather for me. Here’s a brief wrap-up of my very own ‘Ten Days on the Island’ (for those who don’t know, there is a biennial festival with this name – details here).

The launch at Fullers Bookshop was fabulous with a Q&A hosted by Katherine Johnson, the very talented Tasmanian-based author of Pescador’s Wake and The Better Son. We had a good turnout, the atmosphere was relaxed and Katherine led me through chats ranging from research, to shades of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, and on to bushfires and literary agents. I was somewhat rushed beforehand and forgot to organise pics but raced back the next morning for a shot of me and my ‘baby’ in the New and Noteworthy section.


I got to visit the wonderful Hobart Twilight Markets where copies of my book were available through Satinwood. It was lovely to see the Flame Tip cover nestled in amongst the beautiful leather goods.

I had a great time chatting to locals and visitors as I sat outside The Hobart Bookshop signing books at the same table used by both Julia Gillard and Bob Brown.

The workshops at various libraries proved popular and I enjoyed talking about the writing process and meeting some excellent writers who blew me away with their imagination and creativity. Thanks to the staff of Huon, Hobart, Rosny and Kingston for making me welcome.

Huon Linc

Petrarch’s in Launceston . . .  oh, what can I say?! Absolutely beautiful shop. Wonderful management and staff. It was well worth the trip up to the north of the State.


On the way back to Hobart, called in to take a ‘shelfie’ at The Book Cellars in Campbell Town.


A couple of other fun pics – with Katherine Johnson at the divine State Cinema Bookstore and one of me looking pretty chuffed signing some copies at Mona.

better son        Mona with books

I regret that I didn’t think to take a shot of me with some of the staff members of the Tasmanian Writers Centre  who were so welcoming when I turned up (unannounced!)  to their offices inside the beautiful historic building that is the Salamanca Arts Centre. Never mind, I’m hoping (x) to be there again in September (watch this space!).

I was also lucky enough to get a follow-up gig with Melanie Tait on her ABC local radio show Evenings. What a beautiful, talented professional she is. You can listen to the audio here.

Thanks again to everyone for making it such a pleasurable trip. I can hardly wait to get back there.







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7 responses to “Thank You Tasmania

  1. Congratulations, Karenlee, I’m so glad it all went well. I really enjoyed listening to your reading in the interview on Radio Hobart, almost like being there with you!

  2. What a fabulous experience – a reward for all your hard work, Karenlee!

  3. Enjoyed this report Karenlee. Sorry I’me late responding. I went to Melbourne at the end of March for a week and since I’ve been back have been full on helping my parents prepare for their move to retirement village next week. (I’m writing this now because I’m too edgy to sleep – so why not read some backlog blog posts!)

    • Thanks WG. It was a wonderful time. Wish I could just do it all again! How are your parents coping? It is hard to downsize but there are some wonderful retirement village’s these days so hopefully they’ll be happy in this next phase.

      • Thanks for asking Karenlee. The downsizing has been very painful for my Mum, particularly because she wasn’t able to get the 3BR place she wanted, so had to buy 2BR, work is really a downsize step to far. But a decision had to be made. On the plus side, she got the village she really wanted and is looking forward to being there.

        Her books (“my friends”), and some long-loved pieces of furniture have been the main issue BUT Dad is 97 next month (she’ll be 88 in July) and they just had to do it.

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