Tasmania Here I Come

I am so looking forward to the official launch in Hobart of my collection of short fictions Flame Tip (Hybrid Publishers).

I’m hoping for a good turnout at Fullers Bookshop 5.30pm on Thursday 23rd March. I feel very lucky to have Tasmanian-based author Katherine Johnson (author of Pescador’s Wake and The Better Son) with me for some Q&A fun.  Book now to secure a spot. Hope to see lots of friends, readers and fellow writers.

You will also catch me at the Hobart Bookshop on Saturday 25th March at 10am (love Salamanca!) And I will be taking a trip up to Launceston on Wednesday 29th March where I will be signing books at Petrarch’s. I don’t get to Launceston very often so I really hope some of you readers and book lovers will pop in to say hi.



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11 responses to “Tasmania Here I Come

  1. Launceston too! You lucky thing! How are you getting between cities? We did a road trip between the two, oh, years and years ago, and it was just lovely.

  2. Oh yes WG, definitely planning on going there! Big job, curating that exhibition. Can’t even begin to imagine!

  3. I’ll be there in spirit XX

  4. Hi Karen,
    On behalf of Tassie, you’re welcome! Your short story appeared in my pile for judging in the Tas Writers’ Competition this year. While we chose another one ultimately as winner for various reasons, yours was my personal pick, by a clear margin. Original, startling, deft, creative, it was the one that excited me. The minute I finished it, I began reading it all over again to see what you’d done and how you’d done it. Fantastic work! Hope you can make it down here for the launch of the anthology, it would be lovely to cross paths. All the best,
    Fiona Stocker

    • Thanks so much Fiona for your lovely comments. Always trying to crack the elusive win, but I am thrilled to have made it into the anthology. I do hope to make it to the launch (just depends on date) and it would be lovely to meet you then. Thanks again for taking the time to give me such wonderful feedback.

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