I seem to have been chained to my keyboard for days so I took some time out today to visit a local art exhibition, the What we do in Queensland exhibition at Artrageous Arts and Crafts/Gallery 4017 in Deagon.

I am familiar with Tamika Petersen (both the artist [my friend] and her art) and the main reason for my visit was to see her work exhibited. Although I had seen a picture of the largest of her pieces on her Facebook page, I was not prepared for the impact of ‘Hooked on Bliss and Chaos’ in all its bruising glory. Check it out . . .


I am not an art critic and don’t pretend to any expertise but, as the saying goes, I know what I like. So I’d love to give a shout out to a couple of artists in particular, based on nothing more than my own responses to their work.

Amy Crow’s ‘Alone – Diamond’ kept me so spellbound I forgot to take a pic, despite going back three times.

And I connected deeply with Rhiannon Hetherington’s large and bold works. ‘Radiating Love’ was a stand-out for it’s – well – radiation of love. Again, no photo, but here’s another one of Hetherington’s that caught my eye again as I was walking out the door.



If you get the chance, I urge you to get along to Gallery 4017 in Loftus Street, Deagon. The Artrageous Experience space is fabulous, especially the garden area out the back.


More information about the venue

More information about the exhibition



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