Anthology Launch

It was my pleasure to attend this year’s launch of the Tasmanian Writers’ Prize anthology for 2016. The first half of the event was a panel discussion on writing for Tasmania 400 South, with regular magazine contributors joining editor Chris Champion for a vibrant chat. If you’ve not yet had the pleasure of diving into this pictorially exquisite publication, I encourage you to check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

After nibbles and drinks, Chris Gallagher (Director of the Tasmanian Writers’ Centre and one of the competition judges) gave a wonderful speech and facilitated a Q&A session with the finalists. Having sipped (quaffed? guzzled?) a couple of glasses of fine Shiraz, I think I coped okay with responding to a question here and there. I certainly had a great time, chatting to fellow finalists and listening to some readings from winning entries.

On the subject of winners, I would like to mention last year’s Young Tasmanian Writers’ Prize winner, Ben Smith Noble who read beautifully from his story. I went to the same school as Ben – Taroona High. I am sure his is a name we will hear more of in the future.

The evening was seamlessly coordinated and overseen by the vivacious Lucinda Sharp. Thanks Lucinda for a memorable night!


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5 responses to “Anthology Launch

  1. Jess Andreatta

    It is often said that one needs to be lucky in this writing game. It is also said that we make our own luck. You have been very, very lucky of late Ms Thompson, proving – I think – the case for the second. Well done – you deserve every accolade and more.

  2. Taroona High? Is that the one on the beach in Hobart? If so – and I think it is – my nephew went there too (until last year – now he’s at a college).

    Anyhow, well done karenlee, and it sounds like you had a lovely time as a special event.

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