Another Ship finds a Port

I’m thrilled to report that my story ‘Baked Beans and Wisteria’ has won a place in this year’s Big Issue Fiction Edition to be launched on 26th August at the State Library of Victoria. We writers send out our ships, all polished and splashed with champagne, and try not to worry about them as they navigate the deep blue. It is always a joy when they find their home port. 

Meanwhile, I’m heading down to Hobart tomorrow to attend the launch of the Forty South anthology of the best of this year’s Tasmanian Writers’ Prize stories. It will be fun to meet some of the other finalists. I’m really looking forward to reading their stories and seeing my own ‘Jack Frost’ in the mix.

 Ah, this writing life!


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8 responses to “Another Ship finds a Port

  1. Glen Hunting

    This all sounds most excellent, Karenlee. I’m glad your stories are finding such eminent ‘berths’. 🙂

  2. Congratulations!
    That’s a most intriguing title… I’ll have to see if I can get into town that day and buy a copy!

  3. Helen-Mary

    I have just finished reading your short story ‘Baked beans and Wisteria’ tears are streaming down my face as laughter erupts from inside me. By far my favorite of all the wonderful stories in this years Big Issue Fiction Edition.
    Thank you Karenlee

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