The New Media Landscape

I have done very little posting of late. And that’s not changing right this minute.

This not-really-a-post is more of a sign-post for anyone who is interested in the changing face of journalism to check out this post at ANZ LitLovers.

Online journalism and the demise or otherwise of print media is an interesting and challenging topic and something worth thinking about and commenting upon.



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5 responses to “The New Media Landscape

  1. Food for thought but likely to give us all serious indigestion! Some scary scenarios described in this important post.

  2. LOL you are not wrong! It is scary!!

  3. I also prefer my news in stinky, stain-your-fingers, old-fashioned paper. The one thing I cannot abide in this new era is the lack of fact checking. Even the major outlets are guilty of it now. In the all out rush to hit “publish” on a keyboard, news is no more substantial than the gossip between two Brooklyn neighbors hanging their laundry out the window every morning.

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