Josephine Ulrick Shortlist Announced

The 2014 Griffith University Josephine Ulrick Literature Prize shortlist has been announced.

Unfortunately, my name is not on that list.

We send out our ships and hope that one comes home with the goods…


Congratulations to Loren Clarke, Nicholas Brooks, Madelaine Lucas, Luke Johnson and SJ Finn. The winner will be announced on 9th May. Good luck all and I look forward to reading your short stories.



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5 responses to “Josephine Ulrick Shortlist Announced

  1. Do not give up, my friend, you are a terrific writer and even if you never win a prize your work has given much pleasure to many readers.
    Read this when you feel discouraged:

  2. Thanks Lisa. And what a great article.

  3. Next time! It’s exhausting to keep plugging away Karenlee but your stories always intrigue and fascinate me. I love them!

  4. I’ve been an actor and a writer. Being a writer is harder!

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