The Big ‘I’

Yes, I am trumpeting myself but the ‘I’ actually stands for Issue.

A short piece of mine has been accepted by The Big Issue for its next run which is set to hit the streets on 2nd May. So, if you live in the city, make sure you grab a copy from your favourite vendor and see what you think (Don’t forget, half of your purchase price provides direct earnings for the homeless, marginalised or disadvantaged vendors).

And for fellow wordsmiths, check out the call for fiction entries. Last year’s fiction edition was a real treat.


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13 responses to “The Big ‘I’

  1. Congratulations! I don’t know how I’ll get hold of a copy because I am so rarely in the city, but I shall certainly look out for it!

    • Let me know if you miss it Lisa and I’ll send you one. Actually, do look out for the Fiction Issue which comes out later in the year. It usually features some big names like Christos Tsiolkas and Chris Womersley.

      • Karenlee, that’s a kind offer, but it defeats the intention of the Big Issue which is to raise $ for a worthy cause. I have a friend who works in the city and I’m sure she can get me a copy if I ask her. I’ll email her now so that I don’t forget:)

      • No worries Lisa. However, I did mean I would buy an extra copy. I have a few country friends that I buy copies for and I’ve got extra orders already.My usual vendor is going to be very happy with me! Hopefully your friend can pick one up but just let me know if any probs.

      • I wonder if my newsagent stocks it? I’ve never looked. Will try to check it out tomorrow but my history of getting out and about on weekend mornings when our local shops are open is not very good lately…

  2. Very impressed Karenlee! Can’t wait to read it so please keep me a copy!
    All going very well on our travels. XX

  3. Congratulations Karen! You have to post a link. It’s an excuse for an easy blog post… xoxo,

  4. I have just read your article today: I was in town and came across a seller so it was easy:)
    What is it about trains, I wonder, that makes people so grumpy?

    • I guess for a lot of people it must be part of the ‘daily grind’. Personally, I love the comforting clickety-clack and the chance to watch the world go by.
      Glad you found a copy easily. I had a few orders from friends so I managed to put a smile on the face of a couple of vendors yesterday.

      • Given the choice, I would rather travel by train. I like being able to read. I would like it if we had ‘Quiet Carriages’ like they do in the UK – where mobile phones and conversation is not allowed – everyone sits peacefully reading books and newspapers and it’s very relaxing.

      • Well goodness me. Who would have thought Queensland would have been ahead of Victoria on something! We do have ‘Quiet Carriages’ and they are wonderful.

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