This Writer’s Life

Regular readers will have noticed that my reviewing which has never been overly prolific has slowed to a trickle and I thought it was time I fessed up to spending more time than usual immersed in the lives of my fictional characters.

These days, my world is split, not just in two (the earn-the-dollar-working-day and the nights of fictional delights) but into three.  You see, I’ve been living inside my latest manuscript whilst also reworking and polishing the bone-chilling psychological thriller I wrote last year. I’ll write more about my writing adventures in the months ahead.

Nevertheless, thanks mainly to Lisa at ANZ LitLovers, I do still have a small pile of books for review and I’ll continue at my usual snail’s pace.  Upcoming reviews are:-

  • My Mother, My Writing and Me: Iola Mathews’2009 memoir
  • Letters to the end of Love by Yvette Walker
  • The Whole of My World by Nicole Hayes

I’m also delighted that Margaret River Press is sending me the latest published results of its Annual River Short Story Writing Competition.  I was highly impressed with last year’s anthology, as you can see from my review.

Also on my bedside table, in various stages of re-read, are Bryce Courtenay’s tiny hardcover, ‘The Night Country’ which I’ve read once before, ‘A Virtuous Woman’ by one of my favourite authors Kaye Gibbons and the magnificent ‘Walking into the River’ by Lorian Hemingway (I should have known better than to pick this up again.  Despite having read it three times, I marvel at its compact perfection every time).

Sometimes it is just as well I have these books to review and a day-job to attend, else I would surely turn into the mad old woman living a fictional life with characters yet to be seen by the rest of the world.


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10 responses to “This Writer’s Life

  1. Yes it’s pretty scary being a writer! The line between reality and our fictional life tends to disappear. But who cares! Happy creating!

  2. Oh nice to hear from you Karen Lee — I had noticed! Sounds like you’re busy but thanks for keeping us in touch.

  3. I never cease to be amazed by the way writers somehow manage to live and work in the real world and manage the fictional world as well – AND somehow stay sane! More power to your pen, my friend:)

  4. Val Banks

    I agree with every one of the comments you have received to date. Keep on writing I say!!!!!!!

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