Make Every Day Special

Happy Mothers Day. 

I’m not always one to celebrate specific days with presents or flowers.  I like to think any day can be Mothers Day.  When you see a special top in your mother’s size in that perfect purple colour that she loves AND it’s on special, then grab it.  When you cook a delicious lamb and rosemary casserole from one of her recipes, remember to ring and tell her about it.  When you see an article she might like in a magazine, snip it out and send it to her.

Thoughtful gifts are welcome any time throughout the year.  Phone calls and letters are always special and, if you live close by, then the best gift you can give your Mum is some precious time. 

I wonder if my mother breathes a sigh of relief on mother’s day when she remembers that her children are all grown up and she won’t have to endure soggy vegemite toast squares and a lukewarm cup of tea in a chipped mug for breakfast.  I think she’ll have herself a very civilised breakfast before spending precious time with her youngest daughter (a mother herself), probably enjoying some roast pork and crackling.  I will be with them in spirit.

To all mothers…whatever you do, wherever you are…Happy Mothers Day.


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3 responses to “Make Every Day Special

  1. Well said, Karen! I don’t like commerce making expressions of love obligatory on certain days either.
    My son and I have an agreement: he can give me presents any time, except on Mother’s Day. Likewise The Spouse and I agree that presents on Valentine’s Day are forbidden.
    (Though I should share this: when we were courting we agreed not to do Valentine’s Day so I was a bit surprised when he turned up with a CD of a favourite piece of music. ‘I thought we agreed…’ I said, to which he replied, ‘Oh, I forgot it was Valentine’s Day, I just bought this because I love you.’ No wonder I married him, eh?

    • And now he brings home crocodile and cooks it for you. What a man!

      • ROTFL!
        Actually, he made the seller at Best and Fresh very happy. Apparently they were just trying out the idea of stocking it, but thought that *no one* would buy it.
        But The Spouse is an adventurous cook. He made satays with it, with a lime, sage and honey sauce and served it with yellow rice. Interesting flavour, sort of half way between chicken and crayfish.

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