Gillian Mears


A friend has leant me Gillian Mears’ Collected Stories and I am loving each perfectly selected word in the beautifully constructed sentences.

Not too long ago, I read Foal’s Bread and, because it was an uncorrected proof copy that came with some rather strict instructions, I wasn’t game to do a review.  I couldn’t resist a comment at the time though.

I thought I’d share a couple of sentences with you from one of the stories in this collection (USQ, 1997) titled ‘Rosemarion’.

Walking past the fruit store I can smell the strawberries turning dark and soft and violent. 

From the nose and thumbprints smudging the glass I see I’m not the first person to backtrack here this morning.

The cakes are a perfect weight in my hand.

I lie backwards and see the sky, blue and furrowing, move towards me.

Mears is a joy to read.


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  1. Such wonderful imagery! An inspiration to all authors, eh?

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