My Missing Mojo

Regular visitors to my blog would have noticed my conspicuous absence over recent weeks.  What can I say?  Every now and then one loses one’s Mojo.

Not only have I been reticent to post here, I’ve also neglected visiting some of my favourite blogs, a state of affairs that I intend to rectify.

Thankfully, I haven’t had anything as severe as Writers’ Block so, whilst I may have been a fugitive from the online world, my various writing projects have been moving forward nicely.

I’ve also taken time to work on some different projects and I’m putting together a couple of ideas suitable for a grant application.  In the week after Easter, I will be heading to the ‘big smoke’ to meet with representatives of the Australia Council for the Arts Literature Board at the Queensland Writers Centre and, hopefully, they will be able to answer some questions which will help me to put together a cohesive application.  I’ll post further on that topic in the near future.

               MOJO FOUND!


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10 responses to “My Missing Mojo

  1. Eddy

    Good to see you back in the (un)Real world

  2. Val Banks

    Of course it would not have helped having your old mum visiting and needing lots of attention. Good, good luck with the grant seeking.

  3. Glad your mojo’s been found Karen Lee. It’s amazing how quickly one can feel out of it, I’ve noticed.

  4. Good luck with that grant application!

    • Thanks heaps Lisa. It is all unfamiliar territory for me and I’m not even sure if I am eligible but I’ll certainly find out after Easter and will make sure I post about my experiences.

      • Now that’s a thought. I wonder if there’s much online about the process of applying for grants? I don’t mean formal procedures stuff, I mean tips and tricks…
        But then, LOL it might not be smart to share winning tricks because unfortunately it’s a competitive process, isn’t it?

      • I’m not sure how competitive it is but I do think I’ll write freely about it because I’m sure there will be plenty of interesting snippets to share and we writers generally like to help one another…must be something to do with the [usually] solitary nature of the craft.

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