Which Writer Wrote ANSWER

I weighed up these women in my life and decided that none of them would fill the role of a mother.  But then, what did I know about mothers anyway?

 The quote is from Alva’s Boy: An unsentimental memoir by Alan Collins.  I have been up to my elbows in Collins’ work over recent months. He first came to my attention when I reviewed his collection of short stories,  A Thousand Nights at the Ritz and it has been hard to get him out of my head so one of my long-term projects is a study of his work is in relation to our concept of ‘Home’.  Alva’s Boy was completed just prior to the author’s death in 2008.



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2 responses to “Which Writer Wrote ANSWER

  1. I’m looking foward to hearing this serialised on the ABC soon:)

  2. Me too! I haven’t heard exactly when it will be broadcast but I am really looking forward to it.

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