Karenlee’s Kindle

I have just finished reading the first down-loaded novel on my new Kindle.  I chose Kate Grenville’s 2005 historical fiction The Secret River to ‘christen’ my new reading device.  I am a Grenville fan (Lilian’s Story and Dark Places are favourites) and now I am a Kindle fan as well.  The device is much lighter than I had anticipated; its screen is easy on these tired eyes; its size perfect for reclining.  I have a few things to get used to such as no visible page numbers but the note-writing function is great.  All in all, a pleasantly surprising reading experience.



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7 responses to “Karenlee’s Kindle

  1. Yes, I really like mine too .. I have an iPad also but while I have a couple of books on it, it’s not a reading device. To glarey, too hard to hold, too heavy to hold. I love just holding the Kindle. Great for the purse, for holidays. I haven’t read as much on it as I’d like though because I keep ending up with print books, for one reason or another – gifts, availability, review copies. I am using it though for classics.

    • Yes, I think I will mainly use mine for the classics. I am considering tackling ‘Ulysses’ again, feeling that I am now mature enough to enjoy it.
      It was suggested that I should have added a note to my post mentioning the model number but the writing on the back of the device is too small and I can’t read it…guess that makes me mature alright!

      • LOL Karenlee, sounds like it to me. I think they probably meant for you to say is it the Kindle 1 or 2 or 3 or Fire? I was going to ask you the same!

        BTW, Ulysses would be a good one for the Kindle. I’m thinking I might do War and peace on it too as my copy, that I never have finished, has VERY tiny writing (like your model number).

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