Favourite Reading Places

A Weekly Series of Riffs in 200 Words

I love to read in bed but there are a few down-sides: the light bothers one’s significant other, reading glasses preclude a comfortable switch of sides; eye-strain brings sleep quicker than expected.  And there’s the problem of poor lighting in hotels when travelling.

In my youth, I loved to read at the beach.  Those were the days of slow-roasting ourselves like little piglets on spits.  We were also young and carefree enough not to worry about sand grit between the pages (and between everything else).

When I am desperate for some sun in the middle of bitter Stanthorpe winters, I head to the park where the naked trees don’t even have a pair of leaves to rustle.  Even so, I am an intrepid people watcher so can become easily distracted.  Many is the time I’ve had to read a page three times over.

Libraries are still fun.  There’s usually a comfy chair with good lighting and, unless its kindy day, it’s quiet.  Again, I’m easily distracted.  I cannot sit still reading one book when there are thousands more begging to be opened.  It’s like being in a lolly shop.

Do you have a favourite reading place you’d like to share?

The answer to Friday’s Fictionary Dictionary…
Puissance is a show jumping competition.

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