Dedication to Daniel

Thirteen-year-old Daniel Morcombe disappeared in December 2003.

Finally, a man has been charged with his murder and my condolences go to the Morcombe family, once again.

I can’t imagine the ongoing grief they have endured and can only hope there may be some sense of relief if Daniel’s body can now be located and his dear young bones laid properly to rest.

 I have thought of Daniel and his family many times over the past seven years and eight months and admired the strength and courage of his parents who have fought so hard to find him.

My wish for the Morcombe family – that a twenty-one year old Daniel would be found alive – is no more.  My wish now is for full closure.


RIP Daniel



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2 responses to “Dedication to Daniel

  1. Nothing can console a parent for the loss of a child like this, but perhaps there is a little comfort in knowing that people like you and me, with no personal connection to the family, have thought of him and their grief many times over the years. He is not forgotten, just as Louise Morland is not forgotten and the Beaumont children are not forgotten…

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