200: Happy and haphazardly heading home

A Weekly Series of Riffs in 200 words

We are on the Gold Coast for a sleep-over with our favourite people – Number One Son and the ‘Pretend Daughter’ – after a fabulous seven days in Fiji.

Being big fans of capital A Adventure and neither of us finding relaxation a natural state, it was a daunting prospect to set off together to  a tiny country that doesn’t boast a huge ‘To do’ list.

But we went with it because it fit the budget and the time-frame and we knew we needed to force ourselves to rest.

I had a few computer withdrawal symptoms, relieved somewhat by my leather-bound journal and the usual stash of pens but, all in all, this relaxation caper is not so hard to deal with.

I snorkelled until my skin was pale and wrinkled and then laid on the massage table to have it soothed and re-plumped.  I walked on the beach for hours and sat in the fork of a tree writing poetry.

 Tennis, a daytrip to Suva, canoes and kava.  Pace was slow, stress was low and, if your budget is tight and time is minimal, it’s an ideal holiday destination.

Way too much food!

Noticing a lack of pics?…what happens in Fiji stays in Fiji

The Answer to Friday’s Fictionary Dictionary

Lallation is…a speech defect.


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2 responses to “200: Happy and haphazardly heading home

  1. It was terrific Lisa. We are heading to our final home desitnation today – Stanthorpe – and I believe it will be to a maximum of about 12 degrees celsius. Ah well, at least I got some warmth into my bones!

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