200: Don’t Mention the Dog

A weekly series of riffs in 200 words

Our dog Thor who left us last year for other dimensions would have been celebrating his birthday on 4th July so I planned a 200 word dedication this week.  However, I find it is still too raw.
          I changed tack and began researching some interesting facts about dogs but was soon reminded that  every single dog in the universe shares a commonality;  be it expression, whiskers, ears, stance or smile.  I cried and stopped looking for dog facts.
Finally I thought I’d write about cats or other animals but, guess what?  Virtually all the online sites have pictures and every single animal reminds me of Thor so, once again…it ended in tears.
         I ventured off to do the grocery shopping.  On the way, I passed two cute Scottish terriers chasing each others’ tails and a huge German Shepherd sitting in the passenger seat of a work ute , his snout poking out of the top of the window, drool marking a trail down the glass.
Avoiding the pet food aisle at the supermarket is a shopping strategy I still employ but it gets easier each day.
Then I spied the shampoo we used to wash him with:

‘No More Tears’ Shampoo

Crying again.
The Answer to Friday’s Fictionary Dictionary…
Ignivomous means spewing forth fire.
Ignivomous is also a Melbourne Death Metal Band [thanks to Bob for that info]



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2 responses to “200: Don’t Mention the Dog

  1. The Thorasaurus will always be remembered fondly. There is no life without death though. So his passing is another pointer to him having been here and for that we can be thankful.

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