200: The many-splendoured brain

A weekly series of riffs in 200 words

I am constantly amazed by the neurological and psychological nuances, disturbances and variations of that most complicated of organs…the Human Brain.
      A Synaesthete for example is someone whose senses mingle; one sense is stimulated by another.  It seems a  romantic notion that one might see music or taste colour but no doubt the ‘gift’ could easily lead to sensory overload. I wasn’t aware of synaesthesia when I wrote 8 States of Catastrophe,yet it would seem that the central character MV surely has a touch of it, and perhaps I do too.

From bioscifi.kenyon.edu. I can hear them. Can you?

      In researching my latest book, I stumbled upon something known as the Stendhal Syndrome, of which I think I might also suffer a mild form.  It is a psychosomatic illness that rears its head when an individual is exposed to art.  Now, I’ve never hallucinated when confronted by a grand piece of art, but I have experienced other symptoms such as dizziness and a rapid heartbeat.
      I haven’t been to France so I don’t know if I’m likely to contract Paris Syndrome but when I came across Pica disorder which is characterised by an appetite for non-nutritive substances, I thought it might be time to stop chewing my pencil.

The Answer to Friday’s Fictionary Dictionary…A Gandy Dancer is a railway track maintenance worker.

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