200: Planking for fun

A weekly series of riffs in 200 words

Look, I’m sorry, but planking is hilarious and I can see why young people think it’s a blast.
Yes, it can be dangerous.  So can many pleasurable things if taken to extremes.
 Diving is exhilarating…diving off rocks into unchartered waters is hazardous.
 Riding a pushbike is fun…riding a bike in the middle of an 8-lane highway is nuts.
 Could we just stop this crazy notion that every time there is a death, we have to find someone to blame?

A classic from ratemyplanking.com

 People will die doing mundane things like crossing the road or riding on a train.
There is danger lurking in the simplest pursuits.  Next time someone dies from handling contaminated potting mix, should we ban gardening?
There’s a constant lament that people spend hours sitting hunched over computers and not enough time out in the world doing ‘stuff’.  But people will die when they are outside having fun: surfing, rock-climbing, sailing, bush-walking.
Plankers are out there doing their ‘thing’ usually in the fresh air and sunshine.  They are doing something that makes them and their friends (not to mention complete strangers) laugh. 

Tassie Girl Nicola Oldfield planking with attitude

       Remember the old adage? Laughter is the best medicine.
       Pretty silly I guess, but kinda funny.  Bit like life.



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3 responses to “200: Planking for fun

  1. lesley

    the start of it all

  2. Eddy

    At least it is an activity that anyone can try and have a bit of fun, not too hard to lie down somewhere stiff as a board, but could get a bit dicey on a balcony rail 20 floors up. Someone will always push it to the limit, that’s just humans.

    • Very true Eddy. Apparently, there is a group who go ‘tea-potting’ and they are touting this as a safer alternative. But I can’t imagine teetering on a balcony rail 20 floors up in a tea-pot pose would be any less dangerous than planking. So I guess it’s not the ‘what’ that is the problem, more the ‘where’ and ‘how’ and there will always be a few fools who take it too far.
      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

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