The Fun-Fair Ride to Publication – Part 3

The countdown is really on now.
In just over six weeks, I will no doubt be frantically running around checking on last minute details as I prepare to reveal my ‘baby’ 8 States of Catastrophe to anywhere between 50 and 100 guests. It is a nerve-wracking thought but also extremely exciting.
I’m getting bogged down with questions about how much champagne to order (as my friends will testify, I’ve always had a problem knowing when enough champas is enough!) or whether to have cocktail sized napkins or full ones.
Then I tell myself to stop being a control freak and for once in my life just go with the flow. Come to think of it, perhaps ‘control’ is one of the reasons I became a writer. Fiction writing is the perfect pastime: creating characters, designing worlds, altering life courses with a few deft keystrokes.
Orange! I wonder if I can find some orange napkins.
Many of the invited guests are friends and rellies but there are also quite a few who wouldn’t know me if I stood beneath my name spelled out by a string of flashing neon letters, so I have taken some time to write a few notes explaining a snippet of my background or a bit about the book to give those people an idea of why they should be interested in attending my pre-launch celebrations.
Dry or sweet, do you think?
I have just received an email from my publisher assuring me, once again, that books will be airfreighted to Hobart in plenty of time for the big night. Reading between the lines, I think both the publisher and the project manager might be saying: ‘for god’s sake, would you just relax!’
Cocktail-sized napkins, for sure. Plenty big enough. Yellow or white?
Amidst all the excitement and the preparations, I have managed to continue working on my next project. The first draft of the latest novel – the name of which tradition forbids me from uttering by lip or pen – is almost complete…but I digress…again. Where was I? Ah yes, napkins and champagne.
Oh who cares? A square of tissue and something in a glass with bubbles. Perfect!


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4 responses to “The Fun-Fair Ride to Publication – Part 3

  1. You had me stumped with the question about orange napkins and then I remembered the colour of THE book cover. Hope I am correct in my assumption?!

    Tassie Tart.

  2. Yes, that’s the way my mind was working at the time. And, as we know, my mind works in mysterious ways!

  3. So what is the farthest you’ve ever gotten without a definite outline? My only problem is that I keep changing my mind about the ending but I have to keep writing while I figure it out or I’ll become stagnant. If I don’t write every day, I lose that spark.

    • Now there’s an interesting subject for a full post.
      In the meantime, this is [roughly] how I work. Basically, I have an idea that characters X Y and Z will go ‘here’ and go through ‘this’ and end up ‘there’. I usually write a bit of a bio about the main characters (I tend to be more character driven than plot). Then I outline maybe four or five chapters. The outline is not too rigid but as my novel in progress (NIP) moves forward, I see ahead and add more chapters to the outline (OL). Sometimes I change the OL to reflect the NIP. I always have both documents (NIP) and (OL) open as I work.
      I usually know the ending. I have only totally changed an ending once and then I had to do a lot of rewriting and was never really happy with the finished product.
      Actually I love the freedom of working without an outline and I think I sometimes write much better but I always end up backing myself into a corner or running out of steam that way. There are writers who can do it however and I envy them.
      When I have a bit more time, I’ll email you a sort of sample of a NIP and an OL if you want.

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