Goodbye My Friend

How do you say goodbye to the most faithful friend you ever had?
How do you find a way to let go?
Look at my dear boy Thor.

Surely the most handsome Labrador in the world

And you should have heard him sing when I played the harmonica.
But his bones got old. 
He was too tired.
The pain was too great. 
His big brown eyes, dulled by a milky tinge, looked up at me pleadingly.
We gave him more tablets, stronger tablets that made him sick. 
The vet gave him more injections which seem to spark him for about an hour and I wonder now if it was just the placebo effect because he knew how hard the young Vet – dear Holly – tried to help him with her potions and powders and jabs and suggestions.
Years ago, I heard of a Labrador who lived to be twenty and I thought that sounded a most suitable innings. 
But Thor’s German Shepherd hips said otherwise.
Over the past few months, he had days where he reverted to a puppy again, prancing around in the back yard with a ball in his mouth, one puppy ear flipped back, clear puppy eyes laughing, big puppy mouth smiling, hips moving with the ease of youth.  But then, the next day, he’d limp around like a worn-out old man, groaning in pain when he had to lift himself from the comfort of his bed.
And Old Father Time marches on. 
Mother Nature takes her course. 
Fate does what it will.   
Today, the hours ran out. 
We’d travelled all the avenues, overturned every stone. 
Puppy Thor’s time was up.
Goodbye old Friend.                                                                                                             


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6 responses to “Goodbye My Friend


    I am so sad, but just think no more pain for our friend Thor. I have been told it is a nicer place up in heaven, my old mates have all had their loved ones come down to tell them. I beleive them, so imagine our big Thor up there living the life of a prince in a lovely suit, it is someone elses turn to share Mr Thor. I am sad though, but I will think about him to. Be strong because Thor was for you, take care both of you, and i will be thinking of you both,xoxoxoxoxoxxo (not good with words)

  2. You just made me tear up. Our Dachshund is just starting to go through the same thing. He’s only 9 but his joints and back always seem to bother him. I’m hoping that when we get back to Florida the humidity helps.

    I’m so sorry for your loss, Karen. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    • Thanks so much Scott. It is really nice of you to comment. Despite knowing for some time that the day was upon me, I had no idea how totally distraught I would be. Even the loss of human friends and relatives in recent years did not prepare me for this. I am trying to put everything into perspective though and just taking one day at a time. Bucket-size glasses of Cab Sav seem to be helping at the moment.
      And, as long as you keep up with your regular posts at zodiblog, I’ll always have something to make me laugh. Cheers!

  3. Val Banks

    Well, I thought I would be able to read this at last but alas here I am tears and all.
    We all miss him so much.
    Especially, his Gran.

    Signed Gran.

    • Sorry about the tears. We just have to take it one day at a time. I am so glad you got to spend precious time with him toward the end and he knew you loved him dearly.
      I had to put up another post so I don’t spend hours staring at my boy every time I open my blog!

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