Countdown to Leonard: update

Today my car became a church, complete with the obligatory mad woman who can’t hold a tune but insists on lung-busting.
          Just a 40 minute drive with a Leonard Cohen CD as my companion and I’m singing ‘Hallelujah’ like some sort of born-again freak. 
          As of right now, I only have to wait for another 173,165 minutes to see the Brisbane concert.
          Hallelujah, indeed.


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4 responses to “Countdown to Leonard: update

  1. Val Banks

    I have a few more hours than you to wait but I can wait if he can.

  2. I hope you enjoyed your concert Karen. You must have, you’ve been gone as long as me…ha!

    • Me thinks you have had too much Spanish wine Scott. Or do I have my maths all wrong?
      Either way, I do realise it is rather freakish and obsessive to be counting down when I still have four months to go!

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