Countdown to Cohen and My Publishing Adventures

Well, this year is turning out to be an absolute corker!
          Last year, a cloud of indigo descended upon me when I was unable to see Leonard Cohen in concert in Australia.  With a strangely defeatist attitude, I resigned myself to missing out on ever seeing him ‘in the flesh’ and, after a period of mourning, I gathered up the threads of my dignity and reminded myself that the world was full of starving and neglected children, oppressed women, and tortured men. 
          Now, I am on cloud 1,099 after scoring presale front-row platinum tickets to the Brisbane leg of Leonard’s 2010 world tour (and I bow my thank you to the almighty VISA).

So it seems I have two momentous count-downs happening simultaneously. 
          The world of book publishing being what it is, the publication date for my novel is still somewhat fluid but I live in hope that it will before the inimitable ‘poet of our age’ graces our shores again. 
          Why?  Because Mr Cohen – and particularly his song Suzanne – provides the ‘soundtrack’ to a section of my novel and it just makes perfect sense in my strange little ‘perfect bubble of a world’ that I should watch my first Cohen concert as a fully-fledged published author.
          I’d love to hear your thoughts on Leonard Cohen.  Anyone got a concert experience to whet my appetite?
          At the time of publishing this post, I am counting down the months until my novel hits the bookstores but at least I can confidently say that in 135 days Leonard Cohen will command the stage in Brisbane and I will be there inRow AA.   


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4 responses to “Countdown to Cohen and My Publishing Adventures

  1. Well, I certainly can’t match your anticipated experience of “watch[ing] my first Cohen concert as a fully-fledged published author,” but a contender for the best night of my life was attending the Chicago Rosemont concert where Leonard Cohen first performed “Feels So Good” for an audience. Of course, meeting Leonard Cohen and Sharon Robinson backstage before the show may have contributed to the effect. I’ve narcissistically memorialized the experience at What Leonard Cohen Told Me Backstage In Chicago and How To Win Friends And Impress Strangers With A Little Help From Lorca & Leonard Cohen.

    • karen lee thompson

      Thanks for sharing. Fantastic experience and definitely ‘way to impress’!

      • karen lee thompson

        I’ll have to revisit your site on the weekend because I couldn’t for the life of me see how to post a message in response to your article!

  2. hg

    I’m still trying to figure out how to get permission to use a snippet of a lyric by Leonard. Can’t find a place on Internet for doing so, and my publisher indicates it’s my job to look after this task. Book coming out next spring, and I’d like to avoid trouble. Please reply via email.
    Puzzled ex-Gympie-ite,

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