I’m fed up with the majority suffering because of a minority.  Minority is the polite term: idiot fringe is perhaps more apt. 
     Quite frankly, I am sick of worrying about a bunch of lunatics intent on finding more things to abuse, to get addicted to, to kill themselves with.  Believe me, if a bunch of whack-jobs want to get their hands on a tonne of codeine, limiting the sale of painkillers like Nurofen and Panadeine isn’t going to stop them.
     Why are we Australians allowing sniffling little bureaucrats sitting in ivory towers to dictate our lifestyle?  Some ‘do-gooders’ have come up with a set of arbitrary rules that are not going to curb drug abuse one iota. 
     The main result of over-regulating the purchase of analgesics is that our elderly parents and grandparents will now have to traipse off to their doctors and chemists on an almost weekly basis.  People who have paid taxes all their lives have to suffer more pain in order to get out to get their painkillers!  They have to put up with sixteen-year old shop assistants in pharmacies taking their details and no doubt sprouting that old refrain ‘have you used this medication before?’ just so the community can look after the well-being of a bunch of freeloading druggies.
     Amy Simmons of ABC News writes that there have been ‘reports of addicts taking up to 80 Nurofen Plus tablets a day, crushing the opiates and injecting them’
(   Idiots like that are going to get their fix, despite any amount of regulatory measures. So leave them to it, I say.
     And leave my codeine alone.



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6 responses to “My Soapbox #1: LEAVE MY CODEINE ALONE

  1. Val Banks

    I have to agree wholeheartedly. Keep up the good work!

  2. Chris yes i'm real Grabyn

    KLT for PM!!

  3. Dylan Thompson

    As you said, people are going to get their fix one way or another. This has been clearly demonstrated in the past with the clamp down on medications that contain ephadrine and the like.

    While it will most certainly drop the sale of such drugs over the counter, the demand for it doesn’t simply disappear, the supply chain is just altered. What used to be an over the counter transaction, is now a shady back ally deal.

    While neither is good prospect, at least when it was over the counter, it was controlled in some way, by ensuring production quality and dosage. The same pill-popper who was downing 80 Nurofen Plus a day is now forced to seek a local drug dealer and picks up 80 tablets of… well, who knows what and good night Irene.

    Not to mention that as demand increases, supply will need to be maintained on the street and that doesn’t mean your local drug dealer just ups his order from the pharmaceutical comapny. Instead, its time for a midnight raid on the local chemist. Chemists will become more like banks, with outrageous security systems, vaults and so on. The flow on effect means that all that extra cost is passed onto the consumer.

    Keep up the good work Karen!

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